Tennis at St. Columba's has a history almost as long as that of the sport in this country. College archives tell us that the Warden and Master's tennis court was laid in 1882 and that this was probably not the first site of a tennis playing surface within the college. That said there is little concrete evidence for pupil involvement until further into the 20th century. 

As we approach the end of this century's first decade tennis is flourishing in the college. Interestingly there is healthy involvement by pupils and residential staff alike. Thanks to a generous gift from two Old Columbans we are now the proud owners of four 'astro' courts. In addition to these we have two hard courts which are due to be completely repainted this spring. 

The seventh court in the college is our beloved and historic grass surface. This has been somewhat neglected in recent years and is currently undergoing a renaissance. With the advice and assistance of our grounds staff and the experience and machinery of the college golf course's greenkeeper great strides are being made to improve the quality of the sward. Apart from the fact that grass court tennis is excellent for improving technique, there are few greater pleasures than playing doubles on such a surface on a balmy summer's evening. 

We enter four teams on average every year into the Leinster schools' leagues and there are also internal college championships at both senior and junior levels for boys and girls. Tennis is a games choice in the Trinity term but in reality in played all year round to some extent. Of late coaching has taken place in the Michaelmas and Trinity terms.

Master in Charge: Mr Ronan Swift