Public Examination Results

Public Examination Results

'League' Tables

The College is consistently and massively under-represented by so-called 'League' tables in Irish newspapers. These are not official, and the data does not come from the Department of Education. They tend to be solely based on data from third-level institutions in the Republic of Ireland (and some in Northern Ireland) about the origins of their students. 

Crucially, the majority of pupils leaving St Columba's College are not represented at all in these statistics, since so many go on to universities outside the state (particularly the United Kingdom, Holland and Germany, as well as distinguished institutions in the United States and elsewhere). This data never reaches the Irish media.

As an example, in 2016 the College was the lowest-rated fee-paying school in the Sunday Times's "Definitive Guide to Ireland's Top 400 Schools", at place 372. This was despite achieving the very high average points score of 459 in the three years covered by the table. It is possible that next year in the equivalent table we will drop further, despite achieving a record 474 points per candidate (after rechecks) which is likely to be one of the very highest averages in the country, and is higher than several schools at the top of the table claim for themselves on their websites, since increasing numbers of our pupils are choosing to study at European universities.

It should also be noted that the 'Sunday Times' table massively understates our pupil-teacher ratio, since the only data available to the media refer to state-paid teachers, a minority compared to privately-paid teachers at the College.

Leaving Certificate Results 2016

These results results are outstanding once again.  The average points score per candidate across all papers taken at all levels is a most impressive 473 points.  This beats the previous record of 472 set last year.  Overall, only two subject papers – out of 448 – failed to be awarded a pass grade and this is a remarkable achievement.  It is also worth noting that 44% of all candidates achieved 500+ points, with 77% achieving 400+ points and 95% achieving 300+ points.  The range of scores achieved by our candidates this year was from 140 points up to the maximum of 625 points.

Very well done to all, and of course to their teachers. We wish our leavers the very best in their future academic and professional careers.

Previous averages are as follows: 

2016 – 473
2015 – 472
2014 – 441
2013 – 465
2012 – 451
2011 – 448
2010 – 459

The overall five-year average is 460 points per candidate.