Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) at St. Columba's College aims to educate young people in and through the use of the body and its movements.  It aims to develop physical competence so that pupils are able to move efficiently and safely and understand what they are doing.  Developed in accordance with the Junior Cycle PE Programme, the PE curriculum at St.Columba's seeks to advance the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of the child through an appropriate range of physical activities delivered through a spectrum of teaching styles.

Our specialist and experienced physical educators work together to ensure that the PE curriculum develops progressively with the children though all year groups.  Emphasis is placed on achieving high standards of physical competence in each year, equipping children well to pursue a lifetime of activity.

Activities covered include: Dance, Gymnastics, ball skills and mini games.  Where appropriate, PE activities are linked to topics being studied in other subject areas.  Full use is made of the school's excellent facilities, which include a large sports hall, 4 full size grass playing fields, two full size synthetic playing fields, 6 tennis courts, grass tennis court a weights room, 15 metre outdoor pool and dance studio.  Pupils in Form IV and Form V can choose to study Physical Education by following the proposed Leaving Certificate programme of study. In Form IV pupils can take the GCSE PE short course which follows the Pearson Edexcel syllabus and is examined at the end of the year. This examination is 40% theory and 60% practical activities and coursework comprising analysis of performance and writing a six week personal exercise programme.