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It has for a long time been a fact that a great number of Old Columbans have not been able to send their children to the school because they were unable to meet the cost of the fees.

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The Old Columban Society has therefore decided to set up a fund that will be used to help parents, who might not otherwise be able to do so, to send their children to the school. The intention will be that the fund will offer a top-up, as needed, that will assist paying fees rather than paying the entire amount.

The main purpose of the fund will be to help children of Old Columbans. If funds allow, its purpose will be widened to assist children of parents who have a connection with the school, as well as those who have no connection.

The scheme invites members of the Society to subscribe what they feel they can afford for an indefinite period on the basis of a standing order. This will provide a secure and predictable income which will be used annually to achieve the objective, rather than build up a capital sum.

It is planned to encourage participation throughout the Society in the hopes that a relatively painless regular sum contributed individually will build into a significantly worthwhile income to achieve the purposes of the fund.

As an example, if one Old Columban asks ten others to give '20 a month for an indefinite period, in each year '2,400 will be raised. It may be that some would like to contribute a larger sum. If contributions were made by a high percentage of the 2,800 members the fund would make a meaningful impact realising a considerable annual sum available for immediate use.

This opening phase will unfold into a number of later phases and will be administered by the Warden and watched over by the Old Columban Society, with an annual report in the Bulletin.

If you do not wish to donate now but would prefer to make provision in your will, this would be deeply appreciated. Such bequests will be placed into a capital fund administered by the Warden and the Society. In this case, you should consult with your solicitor.

Finally, there may be some Old Columbans who will prefer to support this scheme by making a once-off donation. These donations will also be placed in the capital fund.
The Committee of the Old Columban Society is convinced of the merit of this scheme and warmly recommends it to you.

An easy way to donate is via the PayPal button on this page (if you do not have a PayPal account, please first create one here).

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The O'Morchoe, Chairman of Appeal Committee