Everything you need to know about the use of iPads in St Columba's:

During the 2016-2017 academic year we will be piloting an educational device programme.  We have investigated a number of different devices and looked at numerous case studies to determine how these devices should be used to promote a positive impact on our pupils’ learning.  Our chosen device is an iPad.  

Our teachers have embraced the possibilities that iPads bring to teaching and learning and will be using them to further enhance their excellent teaching methods.  We believe that technology plays a key role in our everyday lives and that it is important for our pupils to leave school with the key 21st century skills required for a fast changing, technology driven world.

Our partner in this programme is Wriggle, the educational wing of TypeTec.  Since the explosion of incorporating ICT into schools and education Wriggle has come to the forefront as the best and most reputable company when it comes to implementation and deployment of iPads.  They will assist in supplying, setting up and deploying the devices to pupils.

Wriggle have set up an online store that will be open until the 29th July.  We recommend purchasing your iPad through the Wriggle Online Store but if you have your own iPad you are welcome to bring your own.  Those pupils who are not purchasing an iPad through Wriggle must still go to the online store and select the BYOD option in the device section and then proceed to purchase the books, deployment day and services.  The deployment fee of €25 is for the training session in September, the ongoing services and support is €36 (one off fee for 3 years support) which includes the set-up of eBook accounts, Apple IDs and any required support during that period.

The deployment day for the iPads will take place on September the 16th.  In order to have the iPads ready with the correct eBooks, Apps and account settings Wriggle needs to have all payments closed off well in advance of this date.  This means that the Wriggle online store will close on the 29th July.  Please ensure that you have purchased your iPad before this date.

Deployment refers to the day when students come into the school and receive their iPad. On this day students will also be signed up for their school network account, Firefly account (our virtual learning environment), email account, receive the schools AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) and Code of Conduct for using the internet plus using their tablet.



Online Store Instructions

Wriggle Online Store