St. Columba's College Boarding & Day School in Dublin, Ireland

Examinations and Assessment

Examinations are held three times a year in all forms.Invaluable practice is gained by having to perform under examination conditions.  Not only that, the process of organising oneself and revising independently is a discipline that stands to the pupil as time goes on.  All teachers provide guidance, supervision and feedback.

The 'mock' examinations for those doing the public examinations (Junior and Leaving Certificate) are held in the Hilary term.

Assessment takes place continually throughout the term with marks for effort being recorded on average every two weeks.  Subject teachers will grade and comment on homework as it is handed in and promptly returned. At the end of each term there is a full hand-written report on each pupil, in each subject.  This gives a detailed account of the pupils' effort and standard at that time, with a grade given as a percentage.  There is no pass mark mentioned.The report also gives advice on areas of weaknesses and comments positively on good performances.  Included in the report are the marks for effort awarded over the term.  In this way it is hoped that parents can gain accurate feedback on a pupil's progress.  The report is reviewed by the housemaster/housemistress and signed off by the Warden, Sub-Warden or the Senior Master.

Parent-teacher meetings are held three times a year,once in each of the three terms.  These meetings are designed to give the opportunity for face to face meetings between parents and members of staff and allow for discussion on a pupil's standard and progress.