Business Studies

Business is offered in Forms IV, V and VI. There are four lessons per week in Form IV and five in V and VI. Each class is comprised of pupils of mixed ability.  

Large numbers of pupils study the subject in Form IV. This leads to large numbers in Form V but our policy of small class sizes is not compromised as the pupils are organised into two separate classes. The vast majority of pupils take the Higher Level paper in the Leaving Certificate examination. Those few who opt for Ordinary Level receive the same level of tuition as Higher Level pupils.  

The Leaving Certificate results achieved by our pupils compare very favourably with national statistics, with our performance invariably higher in terms of A, B and C grades.  

The Form IV Transition Year course includes a study of practical issues such as consumer rights and the nature of the workplace. So if a pupil does not continue to study this subject he/she will still have gained a valuable insight into the commercial world. Other issues studied include advertising, enterprise and finance. Working in groups, pupils will make a written and visual presentation on an entrepreneur or business of their choice as part of the TYP Business Prize.  

The Leaving Certificate course involves a study of topics such as industrial relations, taxation and insurance, sources of finance, marketing, contract law and the role of the EU in the business world. On the basis of examination results a number of pupils are invited to sit the Business Prize Competition.  

Pupils are continuously assessed through effort marks, homework, class tests and end of term examinations.   A large proportion of our pupils go on to study Business and related subjects at the various third level institutions and the Leaving Certificate course provides a sound base for this further study.  

Peter McCarthy M.A. (NUI), H. Dip. Ed.  

Rhona Howell B.A., H. Dip. Ed.

Paul Cron BA, NDipCMA, GDeD