Academic Staff

Academic and House Staff

(with main subjects)


J.M. Girdham, BA, HDipEd, late Scholar of St. John's College, Oxford (English).

Senior Master
F.H. Morris, BA, HDipEd (French).

Reverend D. Owen, BSc, BTh (Religious Education).


P.J. Jackson, BSc, HDipEd, MIBI (Biology and Chemistry).

J.R. Brett, MA, MSt, HDipEd, Senior Tutor, College Librarian (Latin).

P.R. Watts, Dip Art (Pottery), HDip ADE (Art).

A. Morris, BA, HDipEd, Director of Girls’ Boarding.

B.A. Redmond, BTech (Ed), HDipSGC, Dip ID (Technical Graphics and Construction Studies).

G.R. Bannister, MA, PhD, HDipEd, Liaison with day pupils and parents (Irish).

L. Canning, BA, HDipEd, Housemaster of Stackallan, Head of Sport (English).

A.E. Maybury, BA, HDipEd (Irish and SPHE). Deputy Designated Liaison Person for Child Protection.

A. Kilfeather, BA, HDipEd (French and Spanish).

P.G. McCarthy, MA (NUI), HDipEd, Transition Year co-ordinator (Classical Studies and Business Studies).

S. McEneaney, BA, PGCE, Assistant Housemistress of Beresford (Learning Support).

F.G. Heffernan, PGCert (SLD), CertEd, ACLD,  ILSA, AMBDA (Learning Support).

M. Singleton, MSc, PhD, HDipEd, DipEdMan, Assistant Housemistress of Hollypark House, Registrar and Director of Studies (Physics and Mathematics).

G. Malone-Brady, MA (Mus), LRAM, ARCM, Director of Music.

D.M. Sherwood, Housemistress of Iona (Learning Support).

D. Higgins, MA, HDipEd, Director of Pupil Behaviour, and Designated Liaison Person for Child Protection (Mathematics).

D. Cullen, BEd Art & Design, Housemistress of Beresford (Art).

P. Cron, BA, NDipCMA, GDEd, Housemaster of Gwynn (Religious Education, Business, Economics and sports’ co-ordinator).

R. Swift, BA, HDipEd, Housemaster of Glen (Classical Studies and CSPE).

K. Hennessey, BSc (Biology, Physics and Astronomy).

R.E. Howell, BA, HDipEd, House Tutor of Iona (Economics and Business Studies).

N. Coldrick, BSc, House Tutor of Tibradden (Mathematics).

S.G. Crombie, MSc, Director of Information Technology, Housemaster of Tibradden, Boys' Hockey. 

H. Jones, BScEd, PGDipGC, Careers and Guidance Counsellor, House Tutor of Gwynn (Science and Agricultural Science).

S-J. Johnson, BEd, BTEC ND (Physical Education, Geography and sports’ co-ordinator).

B. Finn, MA, HDipEd, House Tutor of Glen (History).

[E. Jameson, MA, HDipEd (English).]

M. O’Shaughnessy, MA, Assistant Housemaster of Stackallan (French and Spanish).

J. Robinson, BA, HDipEd, Housemistress of Hollypark (Mathematics).

W.E. Gibbs, Assistant Housemaster of Tibradden.

T. Clarke, BA, PGDipEd, Assistant Housemaster of Gwynn (French, Irish, Music).

K. Smith, BA, PGDipEd (English).

H. Kavanagh (Learning Support).

T. de Brit, BSc, PhD, HDipEd (Geology), Information Technology Administrator.

J. Pyz, MA, Assistant Housemistress of Iona.

G. Dean, House Tutor of Stackallan.

S.P. Duffy, BSc, MTeach, PGCE, Assistant Housemaster of Glen (Geography).

P. Stevenson, BA, PGDE, House Tutor of Tibradden (Geography).

A. Mitchell, MSc, House Tutor of Stackallan (Science). 

A. Thompson, BSc, House Tutor of Beresford.

M. O’Toole (Learning Support).

Mrs S. Owen, House Tutor of Hollypark.

A. Donnelly, MA, PGCE (English). 

E. Duggan, MA, PGCE (History and English).

L. Harrahill, BScEd (Biology, Chemistry and Science). 



J. Kent-Sutton, MA, Dip Info Library Studies.