The Comedy of Errors

Published on 14 November 2011 in Performing Arts

The Comedy of Errors

This weekend we have this year's Senior Play, and the first production by the Shakespeare Society since Twelfth Night in 2006.

Rehearsals continue deep into the evening in the BSR, accompanied to the strains of music from the 1970s. Twelfth Night was set on the French Riviera in the 1920s, but yes - The Comedy of Errors sees us in the musically and sartorially scary era of the Bee Gees and 'Disco Inferno'

The preview is on Thursday 17th, the first performance on Friday 18th, and the final one on Saturday 19th November, all at 7pm in the BSR. Below, the cast -

Solina, ruler of Ephesus : Kezia Wright
Egeon, merchant of Syracuse : Patrick Tice
Antipholus, a merchant of Syracuse : Zach Stephenson
Antipholus, a merchant of Ephesus : Robin Fitzpatrick
Dromio of Syracuse, a servant : William Maire
Dromio of Ephesus, a servant : Hamish Law
Balthasar, a merchant of Ephesus : Eamonn McKee
Angela, a goldsmith : Jasmine Blenkins O’Callaghan
A merchant, friend to Antipholus of Syracuse: Leonhard Dihlmann
Another merchant : Seyive Hotonu
Doctor Pinch, a schoolmaster-conjurer : Richard Matuschka
Emilia, an Abbess : Aoise Keogan-Nooshabadi
Adriana, wife of Antipholus of Ephesus : Opeline Kellett
Luciana, her sister : Bella Purcell
Luce, a kitchen maid : Katie Cogan
Courtesan : Rachel Rogers
Officer : Konstantin Behr
Servant : Lingfan Gao
Voiceovers : Catie McGonagle

Keyboard and Compositions: Lingfan Gao

Egeon's Presentation: Humphrey Jones

Poster and Art work: Henry Roe
Dance: Kate Smith
Costumes: Karen Hennessey
Directors: Ronan Swift and Julian Girdham

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