Sports Dinner 2011

Published on 29 May 2011 in Sports

Sports Dinner 2011

The cloister dash, tug-of-war, penalty kick competitions and cricket ball throwing are some of the events that supplement the traditional track and field events on sports day.The pupil body is divided into colour-coded teams and compete against each other throughout the day.In the evening the sports dinner is held in dining hall, followed by the awarding of colours and the announcement of the captains and secretaries for the season 2011-12.

Arul Anthoni, who played in the Olympics with the Malaysian mens' hockey team in the 1990's and is the current assistant coach to the Irish mens' team, was this year's guest.Being talented is helpful, but hardwork and commitment are absolutely necessary for sucess would be his message to the modern sportsman and woman.

Colours were awarded to:

Boys' cricket: Philip Blackley, James Bowlby, Dalton Tice, Jasper Pickersgill.

Rugby: Andrew Martin, Rob Nolan, Jake Jacobson, Philip Blackley and Carl Ibe.

Girls' Basketball: Shannen Keogan, Aoise Keogan-Nooshabadi.

Girls' Hockey: Zara Lahme, Caroline Mueller-Methling, Philippa Peters.

Boys' Hockey: Jasper Pickersgill, Ross Canning, Rob Nolan, Robbie Hollis.

Sports team of the year:  Senior Girls' hockey team

Sportsperson of the year: Jasper Pickersgill and Aoise Keogan-Nooshabadi (photographed with Arul Anthoni)




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