Form Prizes 2015-2016

Published on 27 April 2016 in Academic

FORM PRIZES: congratulations to the following, who have been awarded Form Prizes for 2015-2016, based on examination results in the first two terms –

SIXTH FORM - Hollie Canning, Tim Cheng, Ciaran Chisholm, Mark Crampton, Louvisa Karlsson-Smythe, Darcy Maule.
FIFTH FORM - Douglas Boyd Crotty, Ciara Gumsheimer, Juliane Hastedt, Courtney McKee.
FOURTH FORM -  Sasha Cole, Nicole Dickerson, Nyla Jamieson, Alex Lawrence.
THIRD FORM - Isabella Beaumont, Alexander Brennan, Catherine Butt, James Park.
SECOND FORM –  James Harris, Aleksandra Murphy, Tania Stokes, Yulia Sirazetdinova.
FIRST FORM - Diego Casasus Benitez, Imogen Casey, Phoebe Grennell, Charlotte Moffitt.
PRIMARY – Jurre Chukwueke, Sol Guitart Rivero.

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